Europe and peace: what are the challenges?

Europe and peace: what are the challenges?

Europe and peace: what are the challenges?

Nowadays, it has become common to hear cases of interstate or inter-community conflicts in many parts of the world. Because of that, the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat stated that violence can be found everywhere in the world, wherever it is in developed or in developing countries. That is why he said in his messages of peace that what people need most nowadays is peace://

It is reported that both China and the European Union are involved in promoting peace and security in African countries. Their objectives are to crack down on violence by the year 2020. However, there are several problems that peacekeepers in Europe have encountered. What are the challenges to peace in Europe?

Inefficient border management causes insecurity

The history of Europe reveals that its success story was made possible due to migration. However, recently, it was said in the news that the waves of refugees which flew into Europe have heightened safekeeping concerns. Lack of security and increase in violence are caused by inefficient border management and inadequate control in migration.

Uncontrolled migration increases breaches of peace

In fact, Europe's open border approach brings about cases of insecurity and dangers for its populations. Massive migration of low-skilled workers into Europe put a pressure on the public welfare system. Therefore, the first biggest challenges to maintain peace and security in Europe are uncontrolled migration and incompetence in border management.

Rise in nationalism triggers hostility

The massive flow of migration has resulted in the rise in patriotism among the European populations. This brings about hostility towards immigrants, who may take away low-skilled jobs from them. This shows that inadequate control over the flows of people into Europe constitutes another critical challenge to peace.

Another problem is that it is puzzling to successfully integrate refugees and immigrants into the European society because of discrepancies over customs and lifestyles. Thus, this creates further challenges to peace and security and hinders political cohesion as well as economic development.

Cyberattacks increase violence

Geopolitical tensions are increasing in Europe due to the multi-polarity of the world. Cybersecurity is often neglected due to lack of evidence and support that it would really turn out into a fundamental security threat. In fact, cyberattacks is giving raise to all kinds of insecurity against the European economy and its businesses. Moreover, it has led to breaches of peace which affect European citizens. It is also obvious to see an increase in terrorism and radicalization.

Uncontrolled use of weapons threatens peace

Other big challenges to peace and security in Europe result from lack of suitable control in the use of weapons among the civilians and military personnel. Aside from that, there is a lax approach to the exports of weapons. 

Inconsistency in advocating human rights

Human rights, human dignity, and solidarity are not adequately promoted in Europe especially concerning migrants and refugees. In fact, people seeking asylum in Europe cannot be guaranteed of their rights because there is neither sustainable nor inclusive policies to advocate the human rights of non-European citizens. However, if we do not respect to each other, there won't be peace in the world, said Prem Rawat.

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