What are the differences between peace and happiness?

What are the differences between peace and happiness?

What are the differences between peace and happiness?

It is needless to say that life without peace is void of happiness. Peace is based on lack of violence, righteousness, justice, and love. Without peace, nations would live under threats of terrorists; criminals would be free to sow wrongful acts everywhere, causing massive killings and immoralities.

Thus, terrors, sadness and worries, rather than happiness, would fill the earth without peace. The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, said that it is peace is possible to restore peace and prompt humanity into harmony. What are the differences between peace and happiness? Keep reading and find out.

Peace is from within

As Prem Rawat said in his teachings, peace is within us. In other words, peace is the result of what one is doing and thinking about. It is possible to attain inner peace when you are honest with yourself. Being truthful with oneself consists of avoiding pretending to like things your subconscious mind refuses to do or to like.

In fact, our subconscious mind functions under the innate rules of God that he has written in the mind of one of us. By sticking to the moral truths, it is possible to keep the mind in serenity to enjoy inner peace. Respect, honesty and love are examples of moral truths which ensure inner tranquility.

Happiness is from peace

Upon discovery of peace within, it is possible to become happy. Peaceful individuals can survive under very simple living conditions, with the minimum comfort. However, they are able to remain happy with such a condition. Peace can empower its recipient with perpetual satisfaction. This is a major difference between happiness and peace.

Peace can cause an individual to attain bliss, because they have stopped worrying about everything. Peace is attained when there are no more worries, nor constraints in life; this is because you make do with the simple things in life as long as it respects the moral values.

Peace is a spiritual thing

Inner peace does not depend on the outside world but within the individual. It is the state of a tranquil mind with a serene heart which ensures inner peace. In fact, it can be said that inner tranquility is the fruit of spiritual and emotional fulfillment of an individual. Spiritual individuals can maintain justice, tolerance, altruistic love, and can do noble acts as well as all sorts of alms deeds.

Peace causes happiness

Happiness results from several factors which are external from the individual. For example, home ownership may lead to happiness; knowledge may bring about joy; and peace is also a factor of bliss. Peace is longer- lasting; however, happiness may not last as long as peace. Happiness may turn into worries because of some external factors. On the other hand, peace within is unchangeable and sustainable.

Happiness is measurable

In brief, it is sure that peace is within us and we can attain inner tranquility by remaining calm in all situations. By remaining peaceful in mind and heart, cheerfulness will be attained. Peace is more satisfying because it is unmeasurable; on the other hand, happiness can be defined as contentment, or satisfaction, or intense joy, or bliss.

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